• The Future of Livestock

    Farmtario, January 11, 2022: I recently gave a presentation on the Future of Livestock focused on big things that will impact what that future will look like. Consumer demand/retail pull will drive new production standards that may be incentivized in the short run but will become the new norm over the long term. Climate change will impact all that we do in society, and that includes how we raise animals.

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  • Dairy cattle grazing

    That's a lot of zeros

    CEO commentary by Mike McMorris, January 2022: Most Ontario producers will not have heard of FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return). a collaborative investor network based in London, UK with forty-five trillion dollars ($45,000,000,000,000) under management. Their analysis and perspective may carry weight into the future.

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  • Pigs in a barn

    University of Guelph decision support system could predict the next pandemic

    Influenza virus that jumps from pigs or poultry to humans could be catastrophic By Lilian Schaer for Livestock Research Innovation Corporation For Shayan...

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  • Predicting the next pandemic

    Canadian Poultry, January 2022: University of Guelph researchers are building a decision support system for Avian Influenza detection.

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  • Lump of coal

    CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris, December 2021: Coal has clearly had a bad name for a long time, even more so now considering our climate change challenge. So it was a bit of a shock for Time Magazine to run the headline “Cows are the New Coal”. Really?

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  • Getting research into practice

    Ontario Beef, December 2021: How to spur more on-farm adoption of research outcomes is an issue the industry has been grappling with. Now, there are efforts underway to try to improve not just how research results get to producers, but also how to encourage change.

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  • What's happening in the alternative protein space

    Canadian Poultry, December 2021: The popularity of alternative protein options has been growing in recent years, promoted as both "cleaner and healthier" and more climate-friendly than animal-based products.

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  • Lost in the trees

    CEO commentary by Mike McMorris, November 2021: Precision seems to be the way to go - precision agriculture, precision genetics, precision medicine - or is it? 

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  • Growth in the fringe

    Ontario Hog Farmer, October/November 2021: For a long time, alternative protein options have been fringe players in the food world. That’s no longer the case as their popularity has started to grow rapidly, particularly with younger consumers. That’s partially due to market positioning as being “cleaner and healthier” than conventional animal-based products, but they’re also increasingly being promoted as a way to fight climate change.

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