• University of Guelph beef research facility

    Research: Creating your future

    CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris: Each year, University of Guelph faculty prepare amazing research proposals and the request for funds is always more than the amount available - so how do you pick those that get funded?

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  • News release: New sources of timely, credible information for livestock industry

    January 5, 2023: A new library of podcasts, videos and webinars designed to help the livestock industry get research and innovation information directly to the farm is now available.

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  • The search for sustainable deadstock solutions

    Ontario Beef, December 2022: LRIC has received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to lead a project that will take a fresh look at the deadstock issue, recognizing the new focus on One Health and investigating the topic from international and innovation perspectives.

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  • Cows, oil and elephants

    Farmtario, December 6, 2022: More than 30,000 people met recently in Egypt for the 27th United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP27) to deal with climate change. Some reports stated the unaddressed “elephant in the room is a cow” and that cattle are the biggest contributor to climate change. 

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  • Young broiler chickens feeding

    Poultry and the future of food

    Canadian Poultry, December 2022: Given the many pressures facing livestock and poultry producers today, from climate change challenges to animal-free meat and eggs, will food production in the future still include animals? Definitely, according to Dr. Vaughn Holder from Alltech.

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  • Living long and healthy with whole foods

    CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris: One thing you can do to positively affect the lifespan of your kids, and yourself, is to eat whole foods - and research shows livestock products have a good story to tell here.

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  • When animals die on the farm

    Ontario Farmer, Nov 15, 2022: Deadstock is an unfortunate reality on-farm, but so are on-going challenges in accessing practical and viable solutions for handling and disposing of animals that die unexpectedly on the farm.

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  • Getting research into practice

    CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris: Farmer feedback gathered through several current initiatives suggest that we need to be doing a better job of getting research into practice (GRIP), but how to start?

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  • Future of global food security depends on livestock

    Ontario Beef, October 2022: Given the many pressures facing the livestock industry today, it can sometimes be easy to wonder whether the future of food production in the world will include animals. Absolutely, says Dr. Vaughn Holder, Research Project Manager in Beef Nutrition at Alltech.

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