• Beef barn under construction at Elora

    Work continues on schedule at new beef research facilities in Elora

    Ontario Beef, October 2020: The new cow barn and some of the renovated pastures at the University of Guelph’s research farm near Elora are now in use - and work continues on construction of the new feedlot.

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  • Cattle grazing in a pasture

    Innovation Insights: Build back better?

    Commentary by Mike McMorris, LRIC CEO, October 2020: While most focus the past six months has been on dealing with COVID-19, you will have heard people talking recently about “Building Back Better”. But just what exactly does that mean?

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  • Hen in a nesting box with eggs

    Poultry: Cage-free production requires health program rethink

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: Cage-free egg production results in poultry health problems not commonly seen in conventional laying hens.

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  • Pigs

    Swine: A better understanding of the impact of PRRS on reproduction

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: University of Saskatchewan researchers are investigating the reproductive impacts of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome on pig fetuses.

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  • Potato peels

    Feed: From food waste to animal feed

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: A Dutch company has developed fermentation technology to produce fatty acids from fruit and vegetable waste for inclusion into animal feed.

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  • Cattle in Namibia

    Beef: Genomic time travel for more resilient cattle

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: An international team of researchers has sequenced the genomes of 172 African cattle and retraced their genetic evolution.

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  • Glass of milk

    Dairy: New DNA-test for rapid A1 detection in milk

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: A Swiss biotech company has developed a quick, reliable way to identify the presence of A1 beta-casein in milk.

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  • Fish fillet on a cutting board

    Aquaculture: Novel coating improves fillet quality during refrigeration

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: A new type of coating containing chitosan, tea and cinnamon extracts has been shown to improve shelf life and quality of fish fillets during refrigerated storage.

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  • Group of goats

    Small ruminants: Husbandry practices, not herd size increases PPRV risk

    LRIC newsletter, October 2020: Research has found that the transmission risk of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRV) in sheep and goats is not increased through herd size.

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