International Research Advisory Committee (IRAC)

2022 Report and Recommendations

The role of IRAC is to bring international perspective, ideas and practices to the Ontario livestock sector. The focus of IRAC is broad with attention paid to issues identified by the LRIC Emerging Issues. The Committee has been given the  responsibilities to:

  • Identify international approaches to research and innovation and how the Ontario livestock sector could adopt these toward improved progress
  • To recommend how LRIC can most effectively execute its role as a key Knowledge Broker
  • To identify topics for specialized sub-committees and panels involving experts who are not members of the Research Advisory Committee; Where appropriate, commission specific studies and research by external experts


  • James White (Committee Chair)

  • Brian Lindsay

  • Photo of Dr. Paul Dick

    Paul Dick

  • headshot of Dr. Stephen Miller

    Stephen Miller

  • Don Gordon

  • Dawn Howard

  • RJ Taylor

  • David Roberts