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    • A great story

      CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris: There are many people telling the story of livestock these days. Their messages are short and simple and are gaining traction with the vast majority of people that have nothing to do with livestock. It matters what those people hear and begin to feel.

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    • News release: Symposium focuses on telling the good story of livestock

      May 8, 2023: The balanced story of the livestock sector is a good one – and the importance of sharing that story outside of the industry is the theme of the Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) annual symposium to be held June 1.

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    • Woman speaking at front of a room

      Livestock meeting focuses on getting research from the lab to the farm

      Ontario Farmer, May 2, 2023: Improving how the livestock sector can get research into practice brought approximately 60 people together for a daylong event hosted by Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) in Elora. 

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    • Data – simple answer but what’s the question?

      Ontario Farmer, April 11, 2023: There is arguably more data being collected everywhere all the time than ever before in human history, including in the agri-food sector. How to best collect, manage, govern, and use that data are questions still in search of answers, however. 

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  • Getting Research Into Practice Overview

    Published May 17, 2023


  • Why This Bird Flu Is Different: Scientists Say Requires Urgent Coordinated Response

    Published May 16, 2023


  • Scientists Use Gene-Editing Technology to Produce First Calf Resistant to Major Viral Disease

    Published May 9, 2023