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    • You get what you pay for

      CEO Commentary by Mike McMorris, June 2022: I have heard industry, funding agencies and even researchers say that we need more cross sector (beef, sheep, etc) research. That makes sense; to date though, the record shows that available funding tends to be awarded to sector-specific projects.

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    • Reporting on what matters – the need for balance in the livestock sector

      Ontario Beef, May 2022: A statement many people in the agriculture sector have heard a lot in recent years is “you have to tell your story, or someone will tell it for you.”  When it comes to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the environment, the livestock story is definitely being told – but much as they might try, it’s not by the industry itself. 

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    • News release: LRIC names Early Career Research Award recipients

      June 13, 2022: Three researchers from the University of Guelph are sharing the first-ever Early Career Research Award, announced by Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC), with each receiving $25,000 towards their innovative research programs.

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    • Livestock barn with wind turbines in the background

      Bringing a balanced GHG story to the table

      Canadian Poultry, June 2022: There’s no doubt that livestock production contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, but it also produces highly nutritious food and supports carbon sequestration and biodiversity, and its by-products are widely used in many applications world-wide. 

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