• Looking sideways can help livestock industry embrace disruptors

    Ontario Hog Farmer, April - May 2022: There are two categories of disruptors facing the livestock sector, and the industry is encouraged to look outside of itself for solutions that will help it be on the right side of coming change. 

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  • The egg and the barn

    Canadian Poultry, April 2022: New research from the University of Ottawa shows that alternative laying hen housing systems can change eggshell cuticle quality, which reduces the risk of bacterial contamination and boosts food safety.

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  • Podcast planning document template with a pen

    News release: New podcast series on innovations launched for Livestock industry

    February 23, 2022: “Getting Research Into Practice” (GRIP) is a new 10-episode podcast series exploring innovations in the Ontario agriculture sector. It was developed by Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) in partnership with the University of Guelph (UofG) and Poultry Industry Council (PIC).

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  • jumble of scrabble tiles

    Words have no inherent meaning

    CEO commentary by Mike McMorris, March 2022: The same word can and often does have many meanings. How we interpret a word is a result of our background and exposure to it.

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  • Modelling, AI open new avenues

    Canadian Poultry, February/March 2022: Increasingly, science is turning to artificial intelligence and modelling in the search for practical, workable solutions for the livestock and poultry sectors. University of Guelph Assistant Professor Jennifer Ellis uses models to identify patterns in data that can help farmers with on-farm decision-making.

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  • Report card listing grades on a paper

    Livestock in balance

    CEO commentary by Mike McMorris, February 2022: Balance can refer to having elements in the correct proportions. Balance seems in short supply these days; look at the current pandemic. But what about balance in the livestock world?

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  • News release: LRIC Early Career Research Award launched

    February 3, 2022: A new research award valued at up to $70,000 is available to faculty from the University of Guelph who are participants in Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC)’s Early Career Mentorship Program.

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  • Beef at Guelph will make it easier, faster to access research results

    Ontario Beef, February 2022: A new initiative by the University of Guelph and supported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is designed to make it easier for the beef industry to get research results into the hands of producers and others in the industry who can use them.

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  • Sign in a field showing future home of the Ontario Swine Research Facility

    Collaboration necessary to move research from the lab to the farm

    Ontario Hog Farmer, February 2022: Improving the conversion rate and spurring more adoption of research outcomes is an issue for the entire livestock industry. Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC), an umbrella organization for livestock research and innovation in Ontario, is working on improving not just how research results get to producers but also how to encourage change on the farm and in the industry.

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