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    • Mentorship program participants on farm tour

      New mentorship program builds bridges

      Canadian Poultry, January 2021: Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) has launched a mentorship program for new University of Guelph faculty in the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), and College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CPES) to make connections to the provincial livestock industry.

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  • Research Scouts

  • U of G researchers apply new method for detecting Salmonella bacteria

    Published March 8, 2023


  • How eating eggs can boost heart health

    Published June 1, 2022


  • Biotechnology could provide an environmentally more sustainable alternative to egg white protein pro

    Published January 19, 2022


  • Research finally reveals ancient universal equation for the shape of an egg

    Published September 28, 2021


  • Painful fractures: Large eggs push small hens to the breaking point

    Published September 14, 2021


  • Scientists have trained ferrets to sniff out bird flu virus in duck poo

    Published August 19, 2021