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    • Christine Baes

      Better partnerships can help solve animal agriculture’s big issues

      Ontario Beef, May 2024: It’s been just under a year since Dr. Christine Baes became the new Chair of the University of Guelph’s Department of Animal Biosciences – and she’s focused on charting a new path that will help the department and the livestock industry be future-ready. 

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    • Research & innovation key to successful future for Canadian livestock industry, report says

      Ontario Beef, February 2024: A new report puts research, innovation and a comprehensive policy approach as core pillars underpinning the successful future of Canada’s livestock industry. Report co-author Al Mussell will be speaking about the report’s findings at the BFO annual meeting on February 22.

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    • Looking past the headlines at livestock, climate and sustainability

      Ontario Beef, December 2023: There’s a growing narrative that eliminating animal agriculture is the key solution to the world’s climate change problem – much to the frustration of the livestock industry that this ignores the critical role that farm animals play in global food protein security, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration. 

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    • Hamburger

      Plant-based burgers not healthier than beef, new research shows

      Ontario Beef: February 2023: A plant-based burger might look like beef and taste like beef - but that doesn’t make it beef. According to new research from the University of Guelph, that’s an important distinction that has a dramatic impact on everything from how we digest plant-based protein alternatives to the type of bacteria growing in the human gut.

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