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    • Mentorship program participants on farm tour

      New mentorship program builds bridges

      Canadian Poultry, January 2021: Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC) has launched a mentorship program for new University of Guelph faculty in the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), and College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CPES) to make connections to the provincial livestock industry.

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    • Mike Swidersky speaking to mentorship program tour participants

      Sheep farmer hosts farm tour for new Guelph faculty

      Sheep News, December 2020: Sheep and beef farmer Mike Swidersky hosted a group of new University of Guelph faculty members for a tour at his farm in Dufferin County in early October. The researchers have all recently come to Guelph as faculty in the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), or College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CPES).

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    • Group of goats

      Small ruminants: Husbandry practices, not herd size increases PPRV risk

      LRIC newsletter, October 2020: Research has found that the transmission risk of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus (PPRV) in sheep and goats is not increased through herd size.

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    • Small Ruminants: Sheep the gold standard for solar grazing

      LRIC newsletter, September 2020: Sheep are a cost-effective way to manage vegetation growth on solar farms.

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