The equine industry is very fragmented with many and diverse groups focused around their particular activity or breed. This results in no single organization being accountable for equine research or taking the lead on developing a comprehensive research strategy.

LRIC in conjunction with OMAFRA organized a meeting to discuss equine research in Ontario on March 1, 2018 in Guelph. Invitations were extended to a broad crosssection of equine industry stakeholders including owners, veterinarians, feed and service suppliers, research and academia, government and equine association representatives.  Review the report and priorities identified by the attendees.

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    • Kim Schneider in front of grazing beef cattle at Elora Research Station

      Forage and pasture research ramping up in Ontario with new faculty and facilities

      Ontario Beef, August 2021: Forage and pasture research at the University of Guelph is kicking into high gear with pastureland renovation and expansion at the University of Guelph beef research facilities at Elora and the hiring of a new forage and service crops professor.

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