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    • Dairy Farmers of Ontario contribute nearly $540,000 to antimicrobial stewardship research

      University of Guelph researchers, who are leaders in the field of antimicrobial stewardship, are receiving more than $3 million from Ontario Research Fund for their projects. Dairy Farmers of Ontario is proud to support Dr. David Kelton in his research into antimicrobial stewardship solutions in the Ontario dairy sector. 

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    • Alternative meat products in the meat case at the grocery store

      Keeping an eye on what's happening in the alternative protein space

      Ontario Beef, October 2021: There has always been a segment of consumers drawn to meat-free diets. Historically, though, that’s been a small part of the total market, with the attraction of meat holding steady. That’s no longer the case.

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    • Kim Schneider in front of grazing beef cattle at Elora Research Station

      Forage and pasture research ramping up in Ontario with new faculty and facilities

      Ontario Beef, August 2021: Forage and pasture research at the University of Guelph is kicking into high gear with pastureland renovation and expansion at the University of Guelph beef research facilities at Elora and the hiring of a new forage and service crops professor.

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    • Collaborating to tackle the big issues facing livestock farmers

      Ontario Beef Farmer, May 2021: Livestock Research Innovation Corporation (LRIC), commodity organizations like Beef Farmers of Ontario and the research community are increasingly turning to broader research partnerships.

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