LRIC Board-Oliver Haan

Oliver Haan- Chairman (Ontario Pork)

Oliver and Renate Haan, along with their four Jr. Partners, Rebecca (19; at Ridgetown College, passionate about farming and photography); Jacob (17; has an addiction to farming and all things mechanical): Leah; (14; into food and small fuzzy critters); Noah; (10; still experimenting to find his place) own and operate Haanover View Farms.

Haanover View Farms is a first generation, multi species, land-based family farm built on the back of its own branded, niche 100 sow farrow to finish “ecologically raised” pork products that are self-marketed locally to restaurants, value added processors, butcher shops, retail stores and direct to consumers. Beef, rabbit, chicken, and specialty crops round off the farm’s production. Oliver has a keen passion for food and farming, not just for his own purposes, but for all future farmers. Locally, Oliver has been active in the Northumberland/Quinte pork producers, has chaired Harvest Hastings, assisted the local 4-H swine club and is a past President of a local general farm organization.

Oliver has been on Ontario Pork’s Board of Directors since 2006 and has served on many committees and partner organizations both provincially and nationally. LRIC is near and dear to Oliver, as he is one of only two current Board of Directors that was involved in the planning and development of LRIC when it was still referred to as mission 2050, and as a director on the Board in its earliest days.