LRIC Board- Dr. Cornelia Kreplin

Dr. Cornelia Kreplin – Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates offers the opportunity to develop new knowledge and products that can contribute to prosperity of Alberta’s agriculture, Food and forestry sectors. As an Executive Director at AI Bio, Dr. Cornelia Kreplin leads a team that facilitates investment in research and innovation projects which contribute to sustainable livestock, crop and forest production, food safety and the development of new ingredients, foods, beverages and bioactive substances.  Cornelia connects people who can collaboratively build on their respective strengths and works with stakeholders to define future opportunities.

Cornelia’s training in veterinary medicine led to her career with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.   She served as the provincial reproductive pathologist and later as Alberta’s first Chief Provincial Veterinarian before accepting the challenge of building a Food Safety Division for the Ministry. Later, her position as Executive Director of Agriculture Research Division and an interim assignment as General Manager of Agricultural Products Marketing Council allowed Cornelia to remain in touch with the opportunities and challenges facing Alberta’s agriculture industries.  Cornelia now applies what she has learned from these experiences to her position at AI Bio.