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A Research Barn Cost How Much?

There are differences in the reasons and the needs between a commercial barn and a research facility. Read the article ...
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Group Housing for Weaning Sows?

LRIC Research spotlight How weaning sows directly into group housing affects their performance By Lilian Schaer for Livestock Research Innovation ...
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Group sow housing reduces energy costs

Work done at the Prairie Swine Centre has found that group sow housing can lower energy costs for producers. By ...
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Cinnamon as a health food?

Research from Australia has found that cinnamon can help cool pigs' stomachs, contributing to an overall improvement in their health ...
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Seeking an alternative to soy in swine diets

The pork industry in the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania has joined forces to find alternatives to soy protein- most ...
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Premium welfare system launched in Denmark

The Danish parliament has approved a new three-star welfare label for pork. Consumers will be able to choose how much ...
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Predicting how major economic and environmental changes will impact the hog industry

A research team from the UK's University of Lincoln is leading a comprehensive study of the country's hog industry. The ...
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