Ontario Dairy Industry Fact Pack 

Dairy Water Use Efficiency Video Series


Seaweed cuts cow burp methane

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization has identified a strain of seaweed that can reduce the methane emissions of ...
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Getting to know robo-mom

University of Guelph researchers are studying the design features of automated feeding stalls. That’s to see whether a calf’s learning ...
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How one bull introduced a lethal gene into the Holstein breed

One of the most prolific bulls in the history of the Holstein breed also happened to carry a gene that ...
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Study confirms benefits of using beef genetics in dairy beef supply chain

A New Zealand study has confirmed that dairy farmers could produce high value calves with minimal calving difficulties using proven ...
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How cow embryo health research can help human infertility

University of Guelph biomedical sciences professor Pavneesh Madan is studying embryo health in cows as a way of potentially increasing ...
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Your food wrapped in milk?

The milk protein casein is the basis of a new packaging film that is degradable, edible and better at keeping ...
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Reducing iodine levels in milk

Dr. David Kelton of the University of Guelph is leading work to reduce iodine levels in milk. In collaboration with ...
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Estrogen levels in cow’s milk don’t affect humans, study shows

  Scientists at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia have shown that consuming estrogen in cow’s milk does not affect ...
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