Beef Research Strategy 

Ontario Beef Industry Fact Pack


Searching for Antibiotic Replacements in Cattle Rations

As part of an increasing focus in reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock farming, University of Guelph food scientist ...
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Breeding Beef Cattle for Respiratory Disease Resistance

Identifying cattle with superior immune function would permit breeding of animals with improved disease resistance – an approach that has ...
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New Guelph Beef Researcher Focusing on Feed & Nutrition

Joining the University of Guelph faculty as an assistant professor focused on beef cattle research was a bit of a ...
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High pressure processing can extend shelf life of beef

 A study led by Dr. Haihong Wang of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has discovered that high pressure processing of beef ...
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New cattle vaccine could minimize need for antibiotic use

Kansas State University researchers have patented a new vaccine against Fusobacterium necrophorum infection. The bacterium affects sheep and cattle with ...
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Researcher mentorship participants announced

Four Canadian beef researchers have been selected to take part in the 2016-17 Beef Researcher Mentorship Program. Each researcher is ...
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Ear tag health monitor developed

A young Mexican researcher has invented an ear tag that measures vital signs in cattle to help identify health problems ...
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Cattle round up by robot

Researchers in Australia have a robot in the works that can help round up cattle. The Australian Centre for Field ...
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